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Dr. Christine Cantner
Dr. Christine Cantner

A licensed clinical psychologist based in New Jersey, Dr. Christine Cantner leverages her extensive training and experience to provide clients with quality psychological services. At Be Well Morristown, a holistic wellness center, she evaluates and treats adolescents and adults with various presenting problems from depression and anxiety to bereavement and trauma. In addition, Dr. Cantner belongs to the Academy for Eating Disorders and maintains a passion for helping individuals work through issues relating to body image and disordered eating.

Dr. Cantner offers counseling for transgender and gender nonconforming individuals and their families to help them navigate the emotional, cognitive, and interpersonal challenges they face. Dr. Cantner particularly enjoys working with difficult-to-reach adolescents and draws from her past experience working in a high school setting. During this time, she provided services to students with severe trauma, mood disorders, self-harm, suicidality, and conduct disorders.

Moreover, Dr. Christine Cantner continues to advance her professional knowledge and training to remain current on psychotherapeutic techniques. She recently completed an intensive training program at the Seleni Institute focused on maternal mental health and the treatment of perinatal mood and anxiety disorders, as well as perinatal grief and loss.


Clinical Psychologist at Be Well Morristown